Non-standard steel buildings

Come and share your vision with us: and at the end of the project you will only need to pick up a key from your new construction.

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We provide consultations and assist in making a decision regarding your vision

We design, constructand assemble

We perform allnecessary finishing

We take care of all the documentation necessary for the building‘s registration

Non-standard steel buildings include every project the implementation of which may seem like a huge challenge at first, however, the solution is always there. In most cases, it turns out that namely the steel structure is the best way out due to its substantial, versatile and functional solutions.


Anything from a small construction to the grand design. While the business is constantly evolving and new business areas are emerging, the need for a wider range of the constructions emerges. There is a demand for the variety in construction’s appearance, use, adaptability. The steel structure buildings, hangars, warehouses, complexes and a large number of other constructions may be perfectly suitable both for establishing of a small premise as well as for the implementation of a major project.

Individual houses – residential buildings of various size and design that look nothing like the steel structure buildings. Constantly developing design solutions, the wide range of potential applications and extremely fast construction become key arguments for choosing the steel structures. Such individual houses can be of unlimited space and height, they have good humidity and heat insulation. Partitions, doors and windows can be installed wherever you wish, the colour and finishing possibilities for the building provide complete freedom for various creative solutions.

Buildings of various size that require non-standard decisions include every project which, due to its particularity, requires much thought, e. g. if you want to construct a 25 metres high building, the steel structure may be the only solution as the construction with other materials would be uneconomic in respect of time and price.

The steel structure buildings are designed to be quickly erected as their structures are prepared very accurately and there is no need for any further correction

Steel is compatible with other materials and this allows us to create various attractive-looking designs

These buildings conform fully with all European Union and ISO standards and this explains their increasing popularity

The buildings are easily maintained and restored

If you have a requirement or just an idea and if you are not sure what is the best way to implement it, if you want to have a high-quality building and a sensible investment, come and share your idea with us and you will be surprised what a wide range of possibilities the steel structure constructions provide.