Industrial hangars

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Industrial hangars are easily and quickly erected, they can be of various size and appearance thus they are extremely adaptive whatever your industry area is. The hangars are stable, spacious, they have good humidity and heat insulation, they are equipped with ventilation and rainwater drainage systems, windows, bay windows and other components. In these hangars, you will be able to install various plants or factories as well as additional administrative premises or other necessary service facilities.


Industrial refrigerators. Refrigeration equipment is extensively used in various areas: for storage of food products, beverages, cosmetics, in pharmaceutical, chemical industry and many others. Due to such an extensive use, the equipment can be of any size starting from small refrigerators and finishing with isolated and automatically controlled heavy-duty refrigerating rooms. When using the refrigeration equipment, it is important to remember the air-conditioning of other premises (industrial, administrative etc.). Due to their functionality and versatility, the steel structure hangars are the perfect solution which will meet all the needs of this vast area.

Meat processing and production plants. The buildings that have to meet extremely high requirements (hygiene requirements, equipment and adequate separation of the special premises etc.). Taking into consideration the specific nature of your business, we will help in construction of the building which will include all necessary main and auxiliary constructions, appropriate temperature maintenance, ventilation and lighting systems.

Logistics and storage hangars. Very popular buildings as they are practical and can be easily adapted to different areas. Temporary hangars are the perfect solution for short-term projects, e. g. a small building for road construction works, a temporary hangar as a solution for storage or logistics issues, a temporary building for storage of agricultural machinery etc. The buildings of various size can be constructed for permanent needs where you will be able to establish all necessary logistics terminals, auxiliary or administrative premises.

The steel structure buildings are designed to be quickly erected as their structures are prepared very accurately and there is no need for any further correction

Steel is compatible with other materials and this allows us to create various attractive-looking designs

These buildings conform fully with all European Union and ISO standards and this explains their increasing popularity

The buildings are easily maintained and restored

The industrial area of your business doesn‘t matter, contact us and we will discuss all the nuances of a construction’s design, installation etc. Together we will find the best solution for you.