Aviation hangars

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Aviation hangars. With the increasing demand for air travels and small aircraft use for private purposes, the demand for aircraft storage, maintenance and aircraft repair is increasing as well. We can offer a wide range of solutions for the storage of small personal aircrafts as well as for large hangars with installed workshops and nearby administrative or any other buildings, e. g. museum of aviation.


Aircraft hangars may be fitted to store various size aeroplanes, helicopters and personal air vehicles. Depending on the size of the aircraft, we can erect mobile aircraft hangars that are easy to install, dismantle and transport as well as large hangars with integrated workshops and administrative buildings. The hangars may be of “cold” and “warm” types. We will select the cladding of the hangars in accordance with your technical specifications: they can be cladded with insulated panels, PVC fabric tent or metal sheets. The aviation hangars usually have gates over the entire width of the hangar thus the structure of the gates is fairly complicated. Having considered your needs and the specific characteristics of this area, we will advise and offer the most appropriate solution (e. g. gate panels slide on horizontal rails or rotate around a horizontal or vertical axis).

Repair workshops can be established both as small aircraft service premises as well as large aircraft technical centres. Aviation industry is one of the most precise industries in the world where high requirements are applicable not only to the aircraft production and fitting but also to the maintenance and technical service. We will establish workshops in accordance with all applicable standards, we will also establish all auxiliary and administrative premises.

Practice depots can be easily erected nearby the various size airports. Training rooms, simulators and all necessary equipment to prepare private pilots, glider-pilots or aviation mechanics can be installed in these practice depots.

The steel structure buildings are designed to be quickly erected as their structures are prepared very accurately and there is no need for any further correction

Steel is compatible with other materials and this allows us to create various attractive-looking designs

These buildings conform fully with all European Union and ISO standards and this explains their increasing popularity

The buildings are easily maintained and restored

Whether you own a personal aircraft and you are interested in high-quality easily erected affordable hangar or you represent a big enterprise, providing service to various size aircrafts, contact us and we will discuss all the nuances of a construction’s design, installation etc. Together we will find the best solution for you.