Agricultural hangars

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Agricultural hangars. The steel structure buildings, designed to meet the various needs of the agricultural field. Lithuania is an agricultural country and therefore the buildings of this type are immensely popular. The buildings perfectly meet all the needs ranging from the specially fitted buildings for keeping livestock to the storage hangars.


Hangars for keeping livestock (poultry houses, piggeries etc.). The buildings of specific purpose that have to meet extremely high hygiene requirements. Whether you keep hens, turkeys, ducks or own a piggery, in each case, when constructing a building, it is necessary to consider such issues as the technology of livestock breeding, the size of your farm, whether the farm is organic. Taking into consideration the specific nature of your business, we will help in construction of the building which will include all necessary main and auxiliary constructions, appropriate temperature maintenance, ventilation and lighting systems.

Storage is an important part of fruit and vegetable industry. You clearly don‘t want to waste every effort made to grow and transport the production just because of one link in the chain. We will help to build a suitable building, where you will be able to install temperature and humidity control systems according to your needs.

Hangars for storage of agricultural machinery and fertilizer. It is a great decision if you want to make maximum use of the investment in the agricultural machinery. It is not only a place to store your machinery and reduce the likelihood of theft, but it is also a place to protect the machinery from the environmental exposure (precipitation, temperature fluctuations etc.) thus enhancing the useful life of the machinery.

Hangars for storage of grain. If to compare with the grain storage bins, the popularity of this decision is constantly increasing. The warehouse can be easily divided by partitions and, if necessary, used for any other purpose (e. g. to store various machinery).

The steel structure buildings are designed to be quickly erected as their structures are prepared very accurately and there is no need for any further correction

Steel is compatible with other materials and this allows us to create various attractive-looking designs

These buildings conform fully with all European Union and ISO standards and this explains their increasing popularity

The buildings are easily maintained and restored

If you are only considering a possible vision and cannot imagine where to start or, on the contrary, you already have a precise vision of your future construction, in any case, please contact us and we will discuss all the nuances of the construction’s design, installation etc. Together we will find the best solution for you.