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Come and share your vision with us: and at the end of the project you will only need to pick up a key from your new construction.

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We provide consultations and assist in making a decision regarding your vision

We design,construct and assemble

We perform allnecessary finishing

We take care of all the documentation necessary for the building‘s registration

We are a Lithuanian capital company, successfully engaged in construction of the buildings from the highest quality steel structures for 10 years already. Long-term work in this area enabled us to continuously develop our expertise and thus we are able to build any building from a simple lightweight hangar to a building that requires non-standard solutions and is of your desired size. Practically every stage of the building construction process is carried out internally in the company under the attendance and supervision of the client, if so desired, and the highest quality steel is only delivered under the special order. All of this allow to ensure that the work is carried out quickly and efficiently. When we say that we will do the work from start to finish, we really mean it.


Agricultural hangars. The steel structure buildings, designed to meet the various needs of the agricultural field. Lithuania is an agricultural country and therefore the buildings of this type are immensely popular. The buildings perfectly meet all the needs ranging from the specially fitted buildings for keeping livestock to the storage hangars.

The hangars of various size designed for:

  • Keeping livestock (poultry houses, piggeries, stables etc.);
  • Storage of foodstuff (fruit, vegetable warehouses);
  • Storage of agricultural machinery and fertilizer;
  • Storage of grain.

Commercial buildings. The buildings of various size and design that look nothing like the steel structure buildings. It is specifically because of constantly developing design solutions, wide range of the potential applications and extremely fast construction that the commercial buildings of steel structures are so popular not only around the world but also in Lithuania. It is a great solution both for individual buildings as well as for complexes of buildings, e. g. several individual offices or a shopping centre with nearby administrative building.

The buildings of various size and design that may be designed as:

  • Offices;
  • Shopping centres and shops;
  • Different workshops;
  • Laboratories.

Sports hangars. Easily and quickly erected buildings of unlimited size, interior and exterior finishing, layout possibilities. This solution is equally perfect for the establishment of a riding arena, building of an ice arena or a basketball hall with high ceiling or even of the entire sports arena. The main advantage of these buildings is their functionality and versatility as well as quick and simple construction.

The buildings of various size and design that may be designed as:

  • Riding arenas;
  • Sports halls or arenas;
  • Buildings for different types of sports (football, gymnastics etc.).

Aviation hangars. With the increasing demand for air travels and small aircraft use for private purposes, the demand for aircraft storage, maintenance and aircraft repair is increasing as well. We can offer a wide range of solutions for the storage of small personal aircrafts as well as for large hangars with installed workshops and nearby administrative or any other buildings, e. g. museum of aviation.

The buildings of various size that may be designed as:

  • Aircraft hangars;
  • Repair workshops;
  • Practice depots.

Industrial hangars are easily and quickly erected, they can be of various size and appearance thus they are extremely adaptive whatever your industry area is. The hangars are stable, spacious, they have good humidity and heat insulation, they are equipped with ventilation and rainwater drainage systems, windows, bay windows and other components. In these hangars, you will be able to install various plants or factories as well as additional administrative premises or other necessary service facilities.

The buildings of various size that may be designed as:

  • Industrial refrigerators;
  • Meat processing and production plants;
  • Logistics and storage buildings

Non-standard steel buildings include every project the implementation of which may seem like a huge challenge at first, however, the solution is always there. In most cases, it turns out that namely the steel structure is the best way out due to its substantial, versatile and functional solutions.

The buildings of various size and design that may require some individual decisions:

  • Anything from a small construction to the grand design;
  • Individual houses;
  • Buildings of various size that require non-standard decisions.
The metal structure buildings may be of different purpose, size and design.

Their key advantage is the material they are constructed from – the highest quality steel.

The steel structure buildings are designed to be quickly erected as their structures are prepared very accurately and there is no need for any further correction

Steel is compatible with other materials and this allows us to create various attractive-looking designs

These buildings conform fully with all European Union and ISO standards and this explains their increasing popularity

The buildings are easily maintained and restored

It is hard to believe that the high-quality steel structures may be available at a reasonable and affordable price? Our long-term experience enabled us to find big and reliable materials supply partner which has its representatives in many countries around the world (e. g. in Australia, Austria, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand etc.) as well as to build many constructions of great quality and appearance.